Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Articles

Back pain, especially in the lumbar region, is often the result of limitations elsewhere in the body.  The lower back is not the culprit, the lower back is the victim. 

The FMS is broadly used in soccer, from the MLS to the EPL. Popular teams like LA Galaxy, Liverpool FC, and Bayan Munich began their season the same way.

Does A Multisport Background Improve An Athlete's Opportunity For Success?

February 15, 2018

Data suggests that the majority of professional athletes have a deep multisport background, but it likely doesn't tell the whole story.

Simplicity and the FMS: Peeling Back the Layers of the Screen

April 23, 2017

A breakdown of what we're looking for in each individual screen of the FMS.

The FMS and Injury Prediction

April 10, 2017

Dr. Kyle Kiesel breaks down some of the research behind the FMS and injury prediction in professional football players and the military.

How Michigan's Basketball Team Incorporates the FMS

March 22, 2017

FMS Certified strength coach Jon Sanderson of University of Michigan highlights key components of his training program for the basketball team, including the importance of physical assessments and movement evaluation.

Director of Performance, Darcy Norman, shares how and why AS Roma use the FMS.

“Athletes who move better have the potential to improve over athletes that have a movement screen that is poor or shows significant asymmetries" - Todd Arnold

FMS and SFMA Certified physical therapist Dave Tilley of SHIFT Movement Science discusses the application of the FMS in gymnastics.

Like their counterparts in the NFL and NHL, S and C coaches in the NBA use the FMS to evaluate draft prospects. We talked to Lakers strength coach Tim DiFrancesco about how they incorporate the FMS in the pre-Draft process.

June 15, 2016

How some of the best players and best organizations in basketball incorporate the FMS.

Since 2013, the FMS has been an official test at the NHL Combine which was hosted last week in Buffalo, NY. In this article, we discuss how the data is used and common issues identified among hockey players

The decision on when to return to play is highly influential toward future injury risk. In this presentation from the first annual International Sports Physical Therapy Congress, Dr. Mike Voight discusses how a Functional Movement Screen is a necessary step in safely returning athletes to the field at their highest level of function.

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